Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Rest

I'm learning to let go.
And in the letting go, there is rest.
There is rest from the pressure of "have-to" and "you-shoulds."
There is rest from the burdens that I was never meant to carry.
There is rest from the arbitrary deadlines, and the real ones, too,
simply because I am not everything.
I am not all things.
I am not everywhere
or all-knowing.

But I know a God who is.

And I'm learning to let all of my stuff go,
float away into His Hands.
His Hands, the ones so big
that my problems and burdens and deadlines
don't look so looming anymore.

With rest comes new perspective,
an energy that awakens when the overwhelm
When the chains fall at my feet,
when I choose prayer and faith in God
instead of myself.

My friend, Kendal, once wrote in a poem:
"faith and prayer have a sister and her name is

And I have not forgotten that.

It takes faith that to lay it all down, that someone will
pick it back up and it doesn't always have to be me.
It takes prayer to know that I am more than what I do
or what I say
or what I write
to choose REST over work.
Yes, faith and prayer have a sister, but sadly,
I've neglected her over a large swath of my life.

But it's time to welcome her home.

Come home, Rest, and enter in.

I'm hanging out with Lisa-Jo this morning.  Want in?  Here's the deal:

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A note from Jen:
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  1. Beautiful Jen and I too am learning to let it go into God's hands. I love how you wrote problems and deadlines don't look so looming anymore. Amen!
    Beautiful poem from your friend too!!

  2. Resting in His Hands...makes me think of being cradled like an infant. Cozy. Safe. Learning to let go is a faith battle we all fight. Beautiful. Thank you!

  3. I LOVE this line- "There is rest from the burdens that I was never meant to carry." Beautiful, beautiful post!

  4. What a beautiful visual picture of Kendal's quote! Needed this today. Thanks :)

  5. I love this post! When I saw the prompt today, my first thoughts were very similar to yours...finding the faith to lay down our burdens and find our rest in Him. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  6. Seriously, I could just read this over and over. All day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart, so intent on following and serving God. I can see He is leading you into a place of balance. LOVE!!

  7. so beautiful, it is time to welcome her home, love the concept and loved the drawing.

  8. i do so love your drawing. and this piece as well. blessings as you continue searching for the elusive balance we all need.

  9. Jen, this was beautiful--a hearty 'amen!' God is speaking the same thing around my house...:-)

  10. I neglect rest too often. Such beautiful thoughts for my heart to meditate on.

  11. I've been resting all weekend - now I'm in go go go mode to get to the Real Refreshment Retreat in Atlanta :) but I'll be restful in my spirit


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