Monday, March 25, 2013

More than a silver disk and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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It's a simple, shiny, stainless steel disk.

But it is also so much more.

I run my fingers over the engraving...Soli Deo Gloria, Latin for Glory to God alone.  I've had a problem with pride.  I've had issues (and still do, at times) with asking for the world's applause.  I've wanted glory and fame and recognition simply because I thought these things would bring me wholeness.  I thought that if I did big things in the name of Jesus, I would have the best of both worlds
--the approval and acclamation of God and Man.

I've found that it doesn't really work, to do something in the name of Jesus for myself.  I get all tripped up and spun around and I end up feeling burdened and broken and afraid to mess up.  Because when you are doing things for Him (but really for you) without Him, things have a way of getting out of control.

When I started this group in November of 2010 (can you believe it has been this long?), I asked God to make it different than anything else that I had ever done before. I asked Him: Could be for You alone and for Your daughters?  I asked Him: Could this group not have the same strings that I have attached to everything else in my life?  Could it not be linked to my need for approval, for recognition, for praise?  I asked Him:  Could this not be for my glory, but for Yours alone?

Before I write these posts, before I get up to speak in front of His daughters, before I post on our Facebook page, my hands finger the shiny silver disk.  I ask myself:  Am I doing this for me or am I doing this for Him?  And when my hands hit the keyboard and I get a sinking feeling in my stomach, I know that it's time to step away because the words that will pour forth will simply come out of my own strength.

And I want better for you.  I want better for me.

I want Jesus' words for you.  I want Jesus' words for me.

It's a shiny, silver disk, but it's so much more. It's a reminder for whom I write, a reminder of whom I speak, a reminder for whom I live:  for God and His glory.

It doesn't matter if you write, speak, run, parent, create, clean, organize, manage, develop, assist, nurse, secure -- whatever you do, God wants you to do it for Him.  And it's not because He's selfish or arrogant.

No, I think it's because He wants to help us avoid the trappings of this world and all the hurt and pain they can cause.  He wants us to stop striving for all those glitzy, tangible, and temporal things this world has to offer.  He doesn't want us to crumple when the applause is silent.  He doesn't want us to think our worth in contingent on what we can do and how well we can do it.

He does it because when we focus on Him and do the things He has called us to do, we have our eyes and our hearts fixed on Him.  We are in love with a Savior through whom we can do all things.  We are free from striving, free from unnecessary heavy burdens, we are free to lift our hands and spin around, unhindered by the world's view of us.

When we live for God's glory alone, we are free.

It's a simple, shiny, stainless steel disk.  Ah, but it's so much more.

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  1. I love your heart, Jen. May we all be so thoughtful to remember that everything should be for His glory, not our own. I know I need reminding SO often to get myself out of the way.

  2. He's protecting us from the useless striving toward the temporary that disappoints. What a great thought. Because He wants better for us! Love that.

  3. I totally needed this reminder today. Thank you, sweetie.

  4. How easy it is to DO something for ourselves and call it for the Lord. How easy it is to take credit for something when He did it. The glory is lost on me far too often and that is the LAST thing I want to happen. Living for the Lord is to be set apart from this world and to find nothing of myself in whatever I do or whoever I am. I want to share Him with all I encounter and open my mouth to His words, not mine. I pray my fingers type the words that He speaks into my ear.
    Thanks for a great, spoken-to-me post, Jen. Really... needed words for me.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  5. Amen, my friend..."When we live for the glory of one, we are free!" I am learning this, ever so slowly. So thankful for the abundant grace that He never fails to keep heaping upon me.

    ~ Jen

  6. Jen--He has molded and shaped you and is using you as you yield to Him and He gets the glory--and we are all blessed. SO VERY GLAD I 'found' the Soli Sisters and your blog when I jumped into the blogosphere in January of 2012. Wow. God is doing a good thing!

  7. Oh, Jen -- this post so speaks to my heart! Transparent, convicting, and true. Thanks for the reminder & for hosting & God bless!

  8. I like that constant reminder of why I SHOULD be doing something. You've been a blessing to me in my blogging journey, girl! Glad you were obedient to start this group. I know God has blessed you back :-) Hugs!

  9. I am so thankful that He has set me free. Hallelujah!

  10. Beautiful creations you have going on here, JF.

  11. Oh, I love your prayer for SDG... wish I didn't know what you meant about those tangles of pride and all, but I do. Far too well. Thanks for making this a hallowed place. Praying His blessings on you, dear friend.

  12. For God Alone! Used to be afraid of singing the song which had those words. Now I gladly sing it because I know He will carry me through with His grace! Patsy

  13. Dear Jen
    You speak on behalf of all of us, my friend! We all have hearts that are deceitful and we need to often look at our motives for doing anything. The verse in Corinthians that says that whatever we do, we should do it to the glory of God. He mentions things we have in common with animals like eating, drinking etc. and it never cease to amaze me that been those things for His glory can be more acceptable than writing the most beautiful words about our Pappa God. It makes the whole life a sacrament, like A.W. Tozer said in his work, The Pursuit of God.
    Blessings to you

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  15. i love the necklace. and the attitude it brings out in you, sweet jen.

  16. You are singing my tune, Jen. I, too, struggle with writing for me vs the right reason. Love the necklace-it'ss beautiful and a great reminder too!

  17. love this, Jen! i wish i could say i've got it mastered, you know, with my word being "fearless" this year and everything :-)
    He continues to hammer it out. . . day by day by day. that is the walk of faith. giving it over to Him each and every time.
    for His glory! love how you remind us of that by who you are and the community you have developed here.
    love to you this day,

  18. Soli Deo Gloria. Have I told you this is how my daughter's principal signs her emails? I didn't even know the phrase until my girl started kindergarten at this small Christian school in August. And now it keeps popping up in my life. Perhaps that's God's glory alone. He wants everything we do, see and hear to come back to him. Him alone.

  19. Jen,
    yes, Soli Deo Glori, whether we are paying attention or not. We spend so much time striving, when all we need do it rest.
    Continued blessings to you. I'd love to win the medallion.
    Peace and good,

  20. Jen, I've got my money on the way, but I'd love to win one for my daughter!! To me, it means doing the things we do for the RIGHT reasons - not for OUR praise, but for HIS!! Love you much!!

  21. Oh, Jen, I sure know this struggle. This winter I've been in yet aNOTHer season of God stripping away my hopefully all that remains will be the glory of Jesus in me, instead of the false-shine of my own self-glorifying efforts.
    Precious reminder, and great giveaway!

  22. This is such a good reminder. As a type A+ eldest child (and just plain sinner), I share your struggle.

    Last Thursday, the Dallas classical radio station played Bach's music all day for his birthday. During part of my listening time, the deejay actually explained how he signed every composition he wrote with "SDG," Soli Deo Gloria, to God alone be glory. It gave me ridiculous joy to hear that on a radio station, especially one partly funded by public monies. The music of Bach is the first place I ever encountered that phrase, and it's one I can't hear often enough. I love that you have adopted that theme here.

    Truly, may God alone be glorified in your life and ministry in the power of His Spirit.

  23. This, Jen, this: "He doesn't want us to crumple when the applause is silent." Oh my, girl, you made my breath catch. Love your writing, because it's so real, so humble, your heart is just leaned over, bowed over toward Him, you are bent to Him, and I feel that every time I read your words, every time I have contact with you. That's why I keep coming back. Love you, girl, and I would *love* to win one, because I think I need the reminder, too--He doesn't want me to crumple--He wants to hold me up.

  24. "Glory to God alone" - oh, yes! The work of our hands and hearts - I'm trying to open my boys' eyes to that:) You shine beautiful in your mission:)

  25. Wonderful reminder and I love the charm - a beautiful reminder for everyone.

  26. Thank you for your beautiful and needed words today. Happy to find my way here by clicking on a link from another blog.


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