Wednesday, April 10, 2013

beheld in a different Light: Because Sometimes it's just that Easy

There is beauty everywhere, but so often we look through the eyes of the world, and we simply miss it...or maybe dismiss this beauty because it does not seem to hold up to the standards that our society has created.  But what if we take the words of Romans 12: 1-2 seriously and we get serious about not conforming to the patterns of this world, but instead, we let our minds be transformed by the Spirit.  What if we allow God to bend and mold us, what if we allow Him to touch our eyes so that we might see again in new light, what if we prepare our hearts to be astounded by what He has created?  What if we become astounded by ourselves, not with a sense of selfish pride, but with heartbeats of gratitude?  What if we let God's Word lavish our souls with wonder and amazement?  What if we believe Him when He tells us that we are beautiful and that we are His?

Every day before school I spend about forty minutes getting ready for the day, although sometimes I wake up late. 
One day I woke up with about fifteen minutes to get ready so all I had time for was minimal makeup, messy bun, yoga pants, and my North Face. I went through three classes before I had my lunch period. During lunch I went into the bathroom and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, almost all of my makeup had worn off and my hair was a mess. 
To top it off there was a nice shiner right smack dab in the middle of my chin, out there for everyone to see in its screaming red agony. 
Thoughts like “There is no way that I can go back out there” and “I’ll just hide in here until the end of the day” ran through my head. But I knew I had to leave.  So, I pulled on my big girl pants and left the restroom. 
As soon as I got back into the lunchroom it of course seemed like everyone was staring at me and my new little friend. I kept my head down and walked to my usual table. While I was sitting there eating my lunch I shot up a little prayer to the Big Man and said “God, please let mom remember that I had an orthodontist appointment that she forgot about so I can leave!” 
In response, He said, “Grace, no matter what the circumstances, you are beautiful.” Every day since, and no matter how I look- if its yoga pants and a sweatshirt or a dress and a jean jacket, I hold my head high because I know I’m beautiful.

Grace is the teen contributor for the Whatever Girls. She enjoys writing, taking pictures, hanging out with her friends, playing soccer, and singing in the church youth group band. She also loves bacon and unicorns.


  1. I love what you shared here, Grace. He created us beautifully -- fearfully and wonderfully made. :)

  2. Grace, I'm so proud of you. I love that you are comfortable in your own skin and that the little things rarely get you down. So honored to be your mommy.

  3. Erin, I love how you express yourself here. You ARE beautiful! Thank you for sharing today with us. You have inspired me

  4. It's wonderful to see a young person shake off society's shallow standards and believe the truth! Well put, Grace.


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