Wednesday, April 24, 2013

beheld in a different Light: God's Affirmation through a Stranger

There is beauty everywhere, but so often we look through the eyes of the world, and we simply miss it...or maybe dismiss this beauty because it does not seem to hold up to the standards that our society has created.  But what if we take the words of Romans 12: 1-2 seriously and we get serious about not conforming to the patterns of this world, but instead, we let our minds be transformed by the Spirit.  What if we allow God to bend and mold us, what if we allow Him to touch our eyes so that we might see again in new light, what if we prepare our hearts to be astounded by what He has created?  What if we become astounded by ourselves, not with a sense of selfish pride, but with heartbeats of gratitude?  What if we let God's Word lavish our souls with wonder and amazement?  What if we believe Him when He tells us that we are beautiful and that we are His?

Jenn Hand's family has been through a lot lately.  Her dad spent 31 days in the hospital with acute leukemia.  Then a week later her sister and her sister's husband, with her 4 year old nephew and 6 month old niece, had a deer come through their window at 55 miles an hour. But even though Jenn was dealing with her family's health issues and car accidents, she still thought of us and made us this video about the time when God told her she was beautiful. It is an amazing story -- I was moved to tears.  

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Jenn wanted me to add a note or two here.  First, she wanted to apologize for her niece crying (same niece as the one in the car wreck -- I don't think anyone hear watching/reading would have it any other way.  There is LIFE in those cries, Jenn) and for the leaf that fell in her eye.  And she wanted me to post this:   "I am realizing that real beauty is found in the precious moments of celebrating life because it can change in an instant.  Love my Soli Deo Gloria sisters."

We love you, too, Jenn.  Grateful for you and all you do to minister to His people.

You can connect with Jenn on her blog, Coming Alive Ministries, by clicking here.

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  2. Sweet Jen, You didn't warn us to grab a box of tissues before watching. Wow!!! Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful testimony of God's goodness, grace and intimacy in the midst of our everyday lives.

    And Jenn - thank you for your authenticity, vulnerability and powerful, touching
    story. It is one I won't soon forget!

    Love to you both -
    Cindy Bultema :)

  3. What a cool story! Thanks for sharing, beautiful Jen. :)

    1. oops, that's Jenn with 2 n's. :)

  4. If we could only see ourselves as God sees us.....we would all be beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Wow. To have a stranger say that - just wow. God works in wonderful ways.

  6. I love this vlog and her encouraging message about true beauty. She shows it!

  7. Jenn,
    One of my favorite vlogs ever.


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