Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashy Not Required

Jen, Cindy, and Jeri at Speak Up! last summer
I spent hours.  I mean hours on my one sheet.

First, I had to find out what a ‘one sheet’ was.  Then I had to figure out my layout.  Find the perfect profile picture. Fill in all the appropriate text boxes I had placed strategically.  Choose graphics that would make me stand out and be descriptive of me and my book.

I had to be flashy.  Make a good first impression.  Be unique.

I took my one sheet and sat myself down in front of the acquisitions editor at Speak Up!  I told her my story.  I laid out my heart.  I divulged pretty much the whole journey of my husband’s porn addiction.

And she found a typo.  And she strongly disliked my “unique” profile picture.  Oh, and the title of the book. 

So much for a flashy first impression.

Want to find out how God showed up through this encounter?  I'm over at Cindy's place today talking about my time at Speak Up! last year.  Click here to continue reading.  And even if my teaser isn't enough to lure you over there, maybe this will:  Cindy is giving away 10 partial scholarships to this year's Speak Up! event and a phone call with Carol Kent.  So get going now...go enter to win!


  1. I sooooooo needed this today, Jen. Thank you.
    And, yeah, this pretty much punched me in the face: "He doesn’t need us to manipulate circumstances because He is the Orchestrator of the world." He is in control, if only it were easier to relax and let Him be!

  2. OHHHHH.. this blessed me like crazy! I don't need flash because He is light. I don't need the perfect pitch because He is the Word. Oh, my, this was God's reassurance to me today. THANK YOU, friend. And HOORAY for your book deal!

  3. All about His glory and not our excited for you and how God will use your words for His glory.

  4. Jen, I loved hearing your Speak Up story. What a great testimony to allowing God to do His thing in His way. I don't know how we didn't connect last year, but I'll make sure that doesn't happen again this year! Blessings as you work on your book.


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