Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Reformed Performer

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I am a performer.

My stage is not in Hollywood, California or in an off-Broadway theatre on the streets of New York.  Rather, it was in my classrooms growing up.  But I wasn't the class clown.  I was the hard-worker.  I sat in the front row, listened attentively, and turned beet red if I ever got in trouble.  One day in sixth grade, I almost got detention for chewing gum.

I thought my world had ended.  What would my parents say of my actions?


I am a director.

My stage doesn't have bright lights or movie cameras.  There isn't a star sign on my dressing room door.  No, my stage now is in my own house and I find myself using a director's voice more than a doting mother's tone most of the time.

I am a performer and a director.  I expect things to move like clock-work, for people to say their lines, to be where they are supposed to be.  "Do not diverge from the script!" I might say.  Going off the beaten path, striking out on your own, unconformity, no that is not me.

I perform so that you will like me.  I perform so you will think I am good.  I perform so that I can get your accolades.  I may not come off as a diva, but it's all a selfish facade, just the same.

I direct because I want it my way.  Don't change the plan.  I don't like to feel uncomfortable.  I don't like not knowing what comes next.

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