Monday, June 10, 2013

Crabgrass and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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I despise, greatly, crabgrass.

While it is green and only a hair of a shade lighter than the freshly planted bermuda grass, it eventually sprouts up into an unsightly pronged weed.  And it trails its ugliness, not content with just moving up, but also out, as it attempts weaves itself across the yard, sowing new roots every couple of inches.

And these roots, they are not easily pluckable. They do not like to release their dirt.  They don't want to lose their ground.  In fact, to really get out the roots of the crabgrass, I would chance uprooting the freshly planted good grass.  No bueno, friends.  

So what is a girl, who really desires a crabgrass-free yard, to do?  If she was smart, she would leave it alone and let new grass slowly overtake the crabgrass (because as the landscapers and the books say, the bermuda will win the battle in the end and trample the crabgrass).  If she was smart, she wouldn't spend her time just pulling off the tops of the little weed monsters.  Because as we all know, lopping off the tops of weeds does nothing except waste time.  The action is in the roots and we've already gone over that.

Unfortunately, this girl gets a little obsessed and even though she knows it's a waste of time, she is compelled to try to speed up the process.  She doesn't want to wait to see the power of the bermuda.  She just wants it now and she is afraid that if she doesn't do something about this!, somehow, what is promised will not happen.

And so she plucks and plucks and she plucks so much that when she closes her eyes after a plucking session, all she can see is crabgrass.

So much focus on the ugly starts to take away the beauty of everything else in the garden.

There are some things in life we just can't do anything about right now.  We have to wait for the promised strength to come and overtake the problem.  Any work on our part is just toiling -- fruitless and a waste.  It leads to worry and anxiety and a good measure of unbelief.  I'm sorry, but I don't need anymore ugly weeds choking out any more beauty in my life.  I wonder, do you feel the same?

God promises to take care of the birds and the lilies of the field, but I wonder, do you sometimes believe that if He's not providing enough or quickly enough or strong enough, that you'll just need jump in the action and take charge, even if it's something fruitless?

I wonder, why do I feel better if I'm doing something fruitless instead of being still and letting God do something of magnificent wonder?

And I think it's simply because I like to be in charge.  And I've deemed movement, any movement, as good.

But it's simply not true.  And that which I cannot change right now, I must let go and trust in the strength of God to win in the end.  

He hasn't failed me yet.

T.R.U.S.T. Question:  Do you struggle with believing you are valuable to God? Do you worry that He doesn’t see you? How do you get past your worries and take hold of the life that is truly life?
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  1. Jen, I loved your crabgrass post. I am one who wants to be in charge and has the hardest time waiting on God to change the situations in my life--especially when they involve my adult sons. I've had a lot of trouble with that last year. Letting go more, even though my will is not happening,
    But I just have to say that I wish I had stopped here first before linking up. Because I have a post buried in me about control. It's just not written yet. Maybe for next week. I'll be a week behind.
    Love you,

  2. I love this analogy! Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  3. Um. totally. My life has been full of pretty, green crabgrass. I've been weeding a few things out for fall, but even in that process I fear being left empty handed and with a bare patch of dirt and that God might not have anything else in store. Thanks for this great post!

  4. We have lots of weeds in our yard too. I'm okay with that, but not with weeds in my flowerbed. I kinda have a thing about control too. Sigh. It's a lifelong lesson, yes? Thanks for this analogy. Maybe I'll not worry about my weeds for a few more days as a lesson in letting go of control. :-)

  5. Hi Jen, I absolutely love your picture. Would you mind very much if I shared it on facebook with my friends? Its so true about how we live our lives and what our perspective is. Great post sweet lady
    God bless

  6. This post stirs up a cauldron of conviction in me. It's SO HARD to be still, to wait, to trust that God is doing what He promises even when the ugly is sprouting up all over. I've been living smack in the middle of a "just wait" season all year, and I am guilty of thinking if I just "pluck the tops", just create a little movement, any movement, then maybe God will be inspired to MOVE on my behalf. And in the process, I am missing the joy of just sitting back and watching what He's gonna do. Thanks for the wise reminder here today.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful post! And a much needed lesson to learn.

  8. Waiting upon the Lord! A should, a desire, but a rarity in my life too, I am sorry to say! I want it done now and my way is better, faster, etc. or so I think!
    Thanks for this gentle but substantial shove to help me remember that we have a God Who knows everything. I need to let...LET...Him take care of the crabgrass in my life so that I can see His beauty all around.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  9. My problem is that I don't trust things will come to pass quickly enough, that I may miss out on opportunities, for example, because I wasn't where I wanted to be at a particular time. So, yes, I am apt to elbow my way to the front of the bus, and take over the wheel. Of course, that never works out the way I had hoped or planned. . .

  10. You absolutely speak my language, friend. Yes, this is me, out there, plucking away . . .Slow us down, Father. . . Love to you this day, Jen!

  11. You can use me as a prime example of impatience: if traffic on the 50-MPH road is only going 45, I have been known to bail out and take the network of 30-MPH back roads, just so I won't stay stuck behind the "slow" traffic. Never mind that this makes the trip home take twice as long! Talk about fruitless!
    I like what "beingwoven" says: "I need to let... LET ... Him take care..."
    Love this post and YOU, Jen!

  12. Thank you for what you write. It is recognizable. I think we should let our crampy fears behind us. Bit by bit. Our Lord is so infinitely wise and reliable. Rest in His love. Even if storms are coming over your life. He is there. He will always be there.

  13. Ah--this is a convicting post, Miss Jen! I think it is far, far, far too easy for me as a parent to see only the crabgrass in my children's lives and not stop to appreciate the beauty of what God is doing in and through them. And, yes, I am impatient about the speed at of their growth.


  14. Ah, yes, the power it takes to be still before post parallels yours, my friend...God made me laugh this week when I read a poem by Pierre T. De Chardin that began: "Above all trust in the slow work of God." hard ...

  15. Oh my, I needed to read this one this week. Thank you!!! :)


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