Monday, June 24, 2013

Thirteen and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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I'm not sure why I chose this picture.  Maybe because it reminds me of our slightly crazy life.  And who can resist a six year old in the background giving her daddy bunny ears?

But I needed a picture to show you because today is our anniversary.  Lucky 13.

But, as I'm sure you know, we didn't make it this far on luck.  Actually, I don't think anybody makes it this far on luck.  Marriage is hard work, but we all know this.

There is a bazillion wonderful things about my husband, but the thing I love about him the most is that he trusts me.

He trusted me enough to have children with me, even though I've been known to intensely clean and organize, make mountains out of molehills, and do things like stand up on a trashcan to unplug the garage door opener because I've left the remote in the car, which is at the shop.  (You know, somebody could use that opener to get in the house and kill me.  Right.  Ahem.  Moving on.)

He trusts me when I tell him about wanting to attend the She Speaks conference in which I could work on my speaking skills and explore this new calling, even though it would cost a lot of money.  He simply responds with "If God wants you to go, He'll provide a way."  Which, He did.

He trusts me when I have this crazy idea to book a hotel for a retreat I want to have for my Soli Sisters, even though I had never planned a retreat before.  He doesn't know if anyone is going to come, but he doesn't (really) bat an eye when I tell him it means signing a contract, putting us on the hook for $3,000.  I tell him the theme of "Lost in the City, Found by God" and he doesn't even say anything about losing money or my sanity.  

He trusts me the next year when the opportunity arises to go to Speak Up and I tell him I can meet with publishers.  He even trusts me when I say the only book-worthy thing I have to write about is our journey through his porn addiction.  

I could tell you a thousand other ways he shows he trusts me, but just in writing down those above, I have come to this realization: Sure, he trusts me.  But the only way he is able to do that some completely is because he trusts God.

And perhaps this reason alone is why he has faithfully stuck by me for the last thirteen years.

Aren't I lucky?

(I'm celebrating with my husband, so I won't be around to read your sweet posts.  Can you do me a favor and visit an extra sister or two in my place?)
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  1. Happy anniversary!! I love your photo! We celebrate 16 this Friday (while I'm at Speak Up).

  2. Happy Anniversary Jen! You are blessed, and what a lovely tribute you gave to your man. Love the photo, it's awesome.

  3. Love you, mean it. Love this photo. It's the fun and silly side of you.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Loved everything about your post. Everything!

  5. Oh, happy, happy, happy 13! I think he's probably a pretty lucky guy, too!

  6. Dear Jen
    Oh, your Hubbie looks like a sweetie! Mutual trust, dear one, to me is one of the biggest ingredients of a successful marriage. When we trust, many horrible gremlins will have no foothold in our lives like jealousy, stinginess, etc. I love this photo!
    Blessings XX

  7. Jen~Happy Anniversary! How wonderful that you have had 13 blessed years and a husband who trusts you--sometimes crazy you. Some of your antics sound like mine. Like the time I recently balanced on two kitchen chairs to get pictures of how I make lasagna. To mail to my younger cousins so they would have the family recipe and photos of how it's done. Two chairs--what was I thinking! I lost my balance but did not slip, the chair did not slide out from under me and I didn't fall. But I did balance myself by grabbing one of the chairs. And I dinged the camera lens. All hubby could say was, "Are you all right? Did you hurt your back?" He never got mad at me for banging up the $$$ camera. I was stunned. I would have been upset over a stupid move like balancing while holding a camera. We are blessed by our husbands. $99 later, the lens is repaired and hubby still loves me. :)

  8. Ah! Complete trust originates with trust in God. Love this profound thought.

    And, Happy Anniversary! I hope you two are off doing fun things and enjoying each other.

  9. Happy anniversary and may God bless you even more in the years to come! My favorite part of Proverbs 31 has always been the verse that states his heart does safely trust in her...I can't think of anything better to strive for or be pleased by then knowing my husband trusts me.

  10. Hi lovely Jen,
    No, I definitely don't think your husband's porn addiction is your only thing book-worthy...I know you've pulled out the big guns but I'm confident that you have many books within you. I adore your humor-filled easy-to-read's just like sitting down with a wise girlfriend for a gab session.

    (I have a brutal time trying to publish comments, friend. My wordpress site just doesn't want to cooperate...but I'll keep trying because you, your words and SDG are so appreciated.)

  11. I am a sucker for a love story of faith and trust. :-) Thanks so much for sharing, Jen, and happiest of anniversaries to you both!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for sharing with us. What a beautiful picture you've shared of trust. Much love,

  13. Happy Anniversary! Love this link up! I will try to link up next week, but for now, please know that I am so glad we get to connect through WG and I cannot wait to follow along on your journey! I hope you had a wonderful day!


  14. Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope you had a fantabulous time away. I didn't get around to posting until today, and the linky is closed. Bummer!


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