Friday, August 30, 2013

5 FMF: Worship

When I think of worship, I think of words like clean, holy, white.  Like laundry drying in the warm sun.

I picture God in Heaven, angels around Him, my hands lifted.  Sometimes, I think of His hands cupping my face, joy on His face, picturesque peace.  Sometimes worship is boisterous and loud, sometimes soothing and quiet.

But sometimes, worship is messy.

It's not pristine, I don't feel holy.  I'm not white, but cluttered with a week's worth of worry piled high on my heart. I'm mired in complaint.  I'm frantic with my plans.

So many roadblocks to worship.

I feel like I'm caught in deep, thick, red movie theatre curtains. I'm wading through the sea of fabric trying to find Him. I am exhausted, weary, and dirty.

And when I finally get out of the maze, I sometimes feel anything but worthy, or even able to find words, to worship the Most High God.

But in my messiness, craziness, dirtiness, He comes down from Heaven.  (Perhaps I had put Him in the wrong location to begin with?)  I don't have to say a thing.  He wipes my grimy tears, His presence is close.

I can feel His breath slow mine.

And despite my unkempt heart and my weary soul, He makes me clean, holy, and white.

And this is what makes me worthy to worship.

 photo credit: t. magnum via photopin cc


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  1. and in the reading of this, your offering, there is a joining of hearts in worship and adoration, Jen ... for you have captured who we are. and just a glimpse of the majesty of who He is.

  2. Sometimes I feel like worship is like the scrub brush for my soul. I can come into it feeling dirty, but my worship reminds me. I am clean, but sometimes worship helps remind me.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  3. Beautiful! So true - the devil tries so hard to soil us so we feel unable to go into worship - but when we do the Father washes us clean - like that beautiful photo you included of sunshine and linen, soaring in the wind:) He loves us so!

  4. He makes us worthy to worship - yes! Your imagery is just beautiful. Worship is indeed messy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. And this must be why I relate and love you! Thanks for you...and your real self, that I can see and understand. Just love the idea of fresh hung laundry too...

  6. Aren't you glad there's no longer a heavy curtain between Him and us? Sometimes we just have to stop where we are and wait for Him. xo

  7. Jen, I think I've done this stuff and all that -grin-. There are some *fabulous* photos on my entry...not the taking of the pictures but the subjects. I've seen this 3 times this summer and am going to do a blog post simply on nursing.

  8. HI Jen! What a heart-felt reflection on 'worship'. It is wonderful the way you described how being with him, makes us worthy. Such a truth!

    Have a good Labor Day!


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