Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Last

There can always be a last, even when you don't know it's coming.

I'm sitting on the couch with my sweet 9 year old because she happened to flip on the television, sleep still in her eyes, and see that One Direction was about to play live on the Today Show.

And I think, what if this is their last big year?  Fame is fleeting, yes?  And people come and go out of our lives, and we switch churches and schools.  We get injured, sometimes permanently, we move far distances.  Seasons end.

There is always last.

But if I only mourn the last, I miss the beginning of something new.

Yesterday, I had some rare one-on-one time with my girl before the school year starts.  As I looked into her eyes, I kept thinking last...all the things that had the potential to die away, but that I wish she would always cling.  I don't want to see her innocence wane.  I don't want her to lose the desire to hold my hand.  I don't want her to not want to sleep with her teddy bear any more.

But even if these are true lasts, there are new beginnings.  A new season.  A place for God to do new work in her.  Growing her big and tall, redeeming, blooming.

Whatever it is, there may be a last.  But it's kind of a "last, but..."

He makes all things new again.

(After the One Direction was over, she switched over to Disney Junior.  Even 9 year olds need their fill of Mickey Mouse, I suppose.)


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  1. So very true-we don't always know that we are experiencing a "last." But also so very true-we can be so painfully aware of a "last time." Here's to many happy memories of your little girl.

  2. Truer words were never spoken! It's so easy to get caught up on the "last" that we totally miss the new beginnings. Thanks for sharing so beautifully. (and even 22 year-olds, like my daughter, need their daily quota of Mickey Mouse! )


  3. True lasts, new beginnings. And God present in both. Thanks for stopping by on FMF! Glad I popped over here today, too.

  4. I love your words! And I love new beginnings even though the last can hurt. Love your thoughts Jen and thank you sharing you-always!

  5. Dear Jen
    Oh, I think your words are the cry of every mother's heart! So good to know that our Pappa God loves them much more than we do, don't you think!
    Blessings XX

  6. Oh, I can't bear to think of all the lasts with my kiddos that I didn't really think to celebrate. Karen Kingsbury was speaker at a conference I was at and read a book to us about that very thing. We were a blubbering mess.

    The internet fellowship has made all the moments more significant as we share and I'm glad moms are aware of is also nice to have the digital photography. Memories are easier and more affordable to capture!

  7. This is right in line with what I wrote for FMF, too. Lasts leave room for firsts! :)

  8. So needed this today! Love your prospective on lasts.
    I'm learning to deal with "lasts" - we just became empty nesters, so I need to focus now on the "new beginnings"!
    Also, I am mourning the death of a sister - I'm still trying to find the "new beginnings" from this "last". But I praise God that I have not seen my sister for the last time. I know we will see each other again one day!

    1. I've been praying for you, as the grief process can be long and hard. Praying for new beginnings - a great adventure!

  9. Oh I love this post! We have one child, so every first has also been the last. I love looking at her life and anticipating the good to come, not grieving the loss of what once was. Thanks for this new way of seeing things! Susan

  10. Sometimes freezing time doesn't sound like such a bad thing when we look at our babes and love certain little things about their littleness. I have been guilty of when my baby was working on his vocabulary and one of the older ones would correct him. I would jump ALL over the big ones for correcting him cuz it was just so dang cute.

    Always being in the moment will help keep those things near and dear to our heart.

  11. I cannot tell how much I needed this post.. Thank you sharing, and thank you for commenting on my blog!

  12. I love this so much. I was in such a funk this morning and your perspective helped me a lot.

  13. Oh, I love the idea of lasts being new beginnings.

  14. Hi Jen! What a lovely post about 'last' but the hope that it won't be. I know that my daughter was like a best friend to me as she grew, and she still is. She is pregnant with #2, and lives out of state, but we are best buddies. It can keep going forever, it doesn't have to be the 'last'!


  15. Hi Jen! sweet, so glad you got to spend some quality time with your baby!;) I'm trying to do that as much as I can now that our baby is a senior in high school. :( Yes, thank God with Him our "last" always leads to something new! She's adorable, btw! Haha...tell her I understand, as an adult I still have to get my fix of cartoons on Saturday morning! Nothing like a good "Looney Toons" marathon, lol! Have a great week Jen and thanks for linking up!


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