Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beyond Facebook and Twitter: Social media hangouts your teen knows about but maybe you don't

This research I'm doing about the social media that is out there for our teens is making me queasy.  It's ranking up there close to when I did some legwork about our children and the possibility of their exposure to pornography.  (The sad fact is that some of these social media outlets can bring exposure to porn.)

Apps and websites such as KikSnapchat, and teen dating sites such as MyLOL, are filled with both innocence and harm.  And it's possible that someone who starts with innocent intentions can land smack dab in the middle of a treacherous danger zone.

Some of our teens who are using these forms of social media are able to use them without sending and/or receiving inappropriate pictures or meeting older men or engaging in inappropriate conversations.  Some of them who find themselves in dangerous situations are equipped to handle themselves appropriately.  They know how to get out and get away.

But some of our teens only *think* they know (or they really don't know at all) , but before we know it, there is a messy situation at hand.