Friday, September 13, 2013

FMF: Mercy

The email comes in and my heart breaks in a thousand little pieces.  She's telling me the story of her marriage with her husband, who is a porn addict.  And even though it's her story and not my story, my heart resonates so quickly and so powerfully that for a moment, I cannot separate my own feelings from the past and her feelings of the present.

The pain is so raw and the hopelessness so plain and the uphill battle so very steep that all I can do for the moments before I respond to her is mourn.

How do you you respond to such hurt with a call to be merciful?

The cursor blinks back at me as I pause right now in this heavy moment.  Because I know what I wrote and I pray that it conveyed deep understanding, but I also know what it's like to think about showing mercy to the man who has betrayed you.

It's wretched hard.

But she tells me that she knows she wants to fight -- for her husband and for her marriage.  And I reminder her that this fight requires not the weapons of this world.  I'm talking about prayer, intercession, but now I realize, I'm also talking about mercy.

What happens to a willing heart when they are shown unexpected mercy?  When they are loved instead of hated, embraced instead of scorned, forgiven instead of sentenced to isolation?

Miracles happen.

And I think this: Mercy allows for miracles. 

photo credit: Christopher JL via photopin cc (Words added by Jen)

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  1. Visiting from 5-Minute Friday and very glad I did. A wonderful post that conveys just what mercy is. An honest, touching account of living out mercy.

  2. I have been there. Both sides. And mercy - if you're going to heal - mercy has to run as deep as the wounds themselves. Praise God for his gift of mercy, that we might in turn gift it to one another. Blessings.

  3. Got an email before from a friend with the same message. She had shown forgiveness and mercy too to her husband and still dong it.
    That is what the lost needs today. Love and mercy.

  4. "Mercy allows for miracles." Amen!

  5. That my friend, is the true definition of a disciple of Christ! When we love them instead of hate them, embrace them instead of scorn them and forgive them instead of sentencing them to isolation. Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for linking up this week! Blessings my friend!

  6. love this - mercy allows for miracles. what a blessing to wake up this morning (a day late...) to read everyone's mercy stories....

  7. Jen, echoing ms. Kendal above...what a wonderful line--"mercy allows for miracles."
    I had a chance to see the truth of this worked out in my own life in my first week at school. A coworker/room partner and I were butting heads for the first two days and I was in tears at one point. A precious sister in Christ in the room next door prayed with me and for me and I set my heart to just pour on kindness and grace. Yesterday(Friday) was a complete turnaround from the previous two days. God is so faithful!

    I so enjoy reading your words...

  8. Love love love that saying - Mercy allows for miracles! Mercy without judgement or condemnation allows souls to flourish ... we give room for the impossible to be made possible. Loving your thoughts Jen :)

  9. You know the proverb, right: a gentle answer turns away wrath? I think it could be re-written like this: a merciful answer softens the heart. I think that's what happens to a willing heart when it is shown mercy, since you asked :)

  10. "What happens to a willing heart when they are shown unexpected mercy? When they are loved instead of hated, embraced instead of scorned, forgiven instead of sentenced to isolation?" Wow...this is powerful and convicting...and I think it's how He works the miracles. When we make those choices. Definitely not easy, but the right thing. LOVE this and your perspective, friend. Blessings to you today. :)

  11. Wow, your heart and that ending...yes. Jen, God is using you and will in the days ahead. Prepare for battle, but this time for those He will bring to you seeking your raw, honest, real heart and His mercy! Inspiring. Ephesians 6 came to my mind. and the verse in Corinthians (10:5?). Sending hugs your way.


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