Friday, October 11, 2013

FMF: Ordinary

I don't know that I can wax poetic today about ordinary. But perhaps writing is less waxing and more spilling?  All of the ordinary things that I could handle one by one on my own...when they fall, swoop down like an avalanche, I get overwhelmed.

I shouldn't complain.  At least we have a car, a whole-house water purification system, and a water heater.  But when they all break at relatively the same time, when the stress of figuring out who is going to fix it when, how much money it's going to cost, when you have to discern on top of that if your daughter is really sick or if she just wants to stay home, when you try to juggle all your priorities, but then just lob them like balls at your spouse...

it all begins to feel extraordinary.  Extraordinarily taxing.

And I have no crescendo ending for this other than I know these to be true:

1. God is bigger than automotive and household repairs.
2. I'll live with one or two cold showers.
3.  We will make mistakes.  This world is full of brokenness that extends beyond anything mechanical.
4.  I will not give Satan the satisfaction of thinking he's winning me over with all this crap.  There could always be worse crap and my God would still be bigger.

Ordinary situations, extraordinary doesn't matter.  Because God is good with it all.  And He'll help me get there, too.

Soaking in His Light,

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  1. "There could always be worse crap and my God would still be bigger." I need to tell myself this more often! God is always bigger. So much bigger.

    Great post and spin on ordinary. Hopping over from FMF!

  2. Good Morning Jen,
    I love this honest post!
    Yes, the ordinary happenings of household things breaking, does create extraordinary stress.
    I have often thought, though I know it's terribly un-spiritual, that if we just had a little extra money to fix crap, I would be so much happier. But God is bigger, and just as important, UNDERSTANDS, that broken crap is kinda depressing.
    Wishing a great Friday, cold showers and all!

  3. Oh yes, friend. Love your perspective. And so sorry that everything broke at once. Lots of love and hugs from MI!

  4. Love the honesty in this post! Extraordinarily taxing was a great surprise :)

  5. Amen, sister! Thanks for your honesty! I'm sorry you are dealing with all that "crap". Those days are so very stressful! But you have the right attitude! Hope the answers become clear and you're back to "ordinary" hot showers again soon!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  6. Amen! Oh my goodness, have I ever been where you are. Last year I was ready to scream with all the junk that was piling up on us all at once! But I kept telling the enemy that if he couldn't get me down with Ty's health stuff, there was no way he was going to with a broken down van and a front door frame that is rotting. So there! ;)

  7. God is bigger than all the crap I have to deal with. Going to remember that. Thanks!

  8. Oh, gosh. It's just life....huh? Way to stand firm, friend.

  9. I loved this when I read it this morning... I love it now. Thanks for this. Love and huggggs to you!!

  10. Jen- Your post made me smile because it is in the ordinary frustration of life when it seems I need God most...I love your attitude!

  11. Haha LOVED this Jen!! Especially the line about true, so true! No matter what he throws at us, God WILL ALWAYS be BIGGER! Thanks my friend and thanks for sharing! Have a blessed week!


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