Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Best Choice: Reflections on Time Guest Post Series

Welcome to our new guest post series about "time."  
     How do we use it? Misuse it?  Many of us spend so much time complaining we don't have enough      of it, but how often are we grateful for what we actually have?  It is a gift we receive every day...a fresh allotment.  But how will we spend it?  And what values shape how we use it?  As we reflect, may there be space to consider how and where we spend our precious seconds of this gift.
We all eat dinner together most nights.  But in between the girls' slapstick comedy routines and exciting girl drama from the 2nd and 4th grades, it's sometimes had to have conversations of substance.

But sometimes, it happens.  And while I'm talking to Craig, I think my words are lost in the back and forth banter taking place next to me, but I'm learning they must actually be listening much more than I think they are.

Last night, Abby asked me how my day went.  And I told her I was really tired.  She nodded, and in a very adult voice said, I bet.

I went on.  I had a hard time deciding what to do.  I really wanted to rest, but I have a lot of work to do to get ready for the retreat.

She interjects: What did you choose, Mom?

Well, I say, I chose work.

She cocks her head to the side and literally says to me this:

Awwww, Mom.  Haven't you learned?  Do you really think you made the best choice?

I've just been scolded by my 9 year old.

I think of all those over-dinner conversations she must have heard about my struggle to give into the very fact that I am not the Messiah and I shouldn't and can't and don't want to do it all, all the time.

I want to teach her that rest is good and holy.  I want her to know that having fun is a requirement for an enjoyable life.

But if how I spend my own time does not reflect this, my words are hollow.

I didn't realize how much they paid attention to my time-spending habits until two weeks ago when I let it slip that I was scrapbooking again while they were at school.

Hannah looked at me with disbelief...You scrapbooked today?  You?

The concept of mom setting aside time to do something fun and crafty and non-work related blew her mind.

My children have an entire bookshelf filled with scrapbooks I have made for them, but two years ago, when I really started writing and blogging and speaking, it all came to a halt.

What message does that send?

If I am not careful with how I spend my time, I could very well be setting the wrong tone for ministry.  Because right now, they might think that ministry is a draining work, a never ceasing cup pouring out.  Something that steals all your time for fun.

They could miss the message of prime importance of this:

God longs to fill the dry cup.  And not only fill it, but fill it overflowing.

But I have to choose to let Him do this.

And this is the best choice.

How does God fill your cup overflowing?  Do you intentionally carve out time to let Him do this?

(Due to a scheduling conflict, I'm guest posting on my own blog today.)


  1. Wow! This is so good and such a great topic. Can't wait to read more!- Lyndsey

  2. That's deep stuff that I've been thinking about too! I always want to redeem every minute, use it for Him. But then I think God has been trying to show me that having some minutes spare by taking life a little slower also glorifies Him as I have more time for meditation, prayer and for people, like my kids and my husband, and just to have peace rather than stress in my life.


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