Friday, November 1, 2013

FMF: Grace

We were at our college "dis"orientation.  Flutes of champagne graced the tables in souvenir glasses.  I decided two glasses would be the perfect number for decorating because what else of worth does a senior in college really have for adorning her new (but very old and a little run down) apartment she is going to share with her soon-to-be husband?

But then, in walks a friend.  Not just any friend, but my best friend, with whom I've shared living quarters for almost three years.  She is late and she doesn't have a glass.  And I don't give her mine.  She should have been on time, I think.

And then, in walks another friend, a friend who's name I cannot immediately recall, her face a little blurry when I imagine the scene.  And she laments that she was late to the party and doesn't have a glass and without hesitation, I had her one of mine.  Poor thing, I think.  I don't really need two...

And then I see the face of my very best friend contort into a confused look that soon turns to pain.  I have showed someone grace, but that someone was not her.

As I pondered this FMF prompt, as I sat and thought about grace and the abundance of it in my life, and how it is never trite, never if it comes from the depth of our heart.  Because to give and receive grace is a decision, sometimes.

And other times, it is simply instinctual.  But for whatever reason, it seems that it just might take much more intentionality to extend it to those who we really, really love than to those strangers that pass by in the night.

Or maybe, I'm just backwards.  And if so, perhaps you will extend this stranger (or friend) some grace as you pass by.

But I am praying, for each of us, as we live and walk and breathe each day, that grace will become more instinctual for us and less a laborious decision.  Because the more we give grace away, the lighter and freer we become.

Let's be free.

I'm hanging out with Lisa-Jo this morning.  Want in?  Here's the deal:

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  1. Praying to be free, today. Giving, Living-Freely. By His Grace, For His Grace...Through it...Hugs, Jen. Great prompt, today. Perfect, I'd say!

  2. "Because the more we give grace away, the lighter and freer we become." Amen! I really need to visit you more often!! Know your words always bless. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  3. I just love how you say things. And you. :)

  4. Dear Jenn
    I think that your honesty today is a great example of our Lord's grace. Only He enables us to forgive ourselves to such an extent for our skewed priorities and mistakes so that we can share it with others without trying to hide in the first best corner. I hope I am making sense!!
    Blessings XX

  5. I love the idea of praying that grace be instinctual! Am joining in that prayer! Thanks x

  6. Great post! I love reading, writing, singing and everything else about grace. Your take on grace becoming instinctual is refreshing. To me it's easier to extend grace to those we do not know very well but much more difficult to share the same grace with those closest to us. Thank you for this today!


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