Monday, November 4, 2013

when the only thing you have to offer is a prayer and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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The vlog below is what happens when you run out of time, written words, and energy for things like  tooth brushing.
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Linking this on Monday with Michelle and Jen too!
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  1. I so, so, so love that we got to pray together! Beautiful.

  2. Jen- Thank you for the vlog prayer...your vulnerability and authenticity warmed my heart this evening...I am heading into this month with a blogging sabbatical until Advent...but I wanted to link with you all before I go offline for a break to say how much I appreciate this link up and the encouragement and genuine love of God I feel knowing you all are here...a little glimpse of God with us through this sisterhood! Thanks-Kel

  3. Jen, offering a prayer is the best gift anyone can have or receive. Blessings all around.

    1. I hit 'publish' too soon. That was the most bestest anointed idea - I SO needed that. I lifted my hands in the air and just received your words.
      Good job listening to the Holy Spirit, Jen. thank you.

  4. Just beautiful, Jen. Lovely, transparent, and straight from the heart. A sweet lift for the day for sure!

  5. Thank you for praying this morning. May we truly be different, filled with His peace during this time of year. Great way to start off my Tues.!

  6. Amen! Amen! Amen! on your prayer! Totally blessed the socks off my day - because there are challenges out there that overwhelm me, too.

    My schedule can really get to me, too - one thing that helps me is -yes - making that list - and then saying, "I'll just do one." By the end of the day, I have most of the list done - without the overwhelming burden hanging over me.

    Praying that the Father pour His Holy Spirit over you, strengthening you, refreshing you and comforting you!

  7. Jen, this is my favorite VLOG ever. Thanks for praying peace over each of us. What a sweet gift! Praying for you and the retreat. May the Holy Spirit fill up that place and refresh each person attending. Hugs

  8. Jen,
    Praying God's peace and love over you, your to-do list and the retreat....blessings to you :)

  9. Thanks for your sweet prayer, Jen. Right back at you, sister.


  10. Praying for that peace that passes all understanding to replace any overwhelming, anxious thoughts in your life as you prepare for this retreat and for the coming holiday season. I adore you.

  11. Oh girl ... I love your heart. Thank you for your prayer!

  12. Beautiful prayer! What a gift! We all need a prayer for peace to transcend into all areas of our life. Blessings!


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