Monday, January 13, 2014

Who's Ready for a Little Fun? Well, Me... and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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A just for FUN! photo.  Besides, superheroes must have fun, right?
I'm a very serious person.  I've been labeled "intense."  I'm  more inclined to go deep and reveal too much than I am to keep the conversation shallow and share too little.  I like schedules, routines, and productivity.  I love to work hard so (in theory) I can get ahead.  I consistently say, "When I'm done working, I'll relax and have some fun."  Intrinsically, I know relaxation and fun need to happen in order for me to enjoy life.  But since I prioritize it is as something to only be done after, it doesn't happen on a consistent basis.  

I've been negligent about having fun.

Thus, FUN! is my word for 2014.  It's not a very biblical word. In fact, if you search for "fun" on, most of the time you get words like this:


Funds could be fun, but funerals and fungi?  Not so much.

Other times "fun" comes up, it's often in the context of poking fun.  Definitely not the kind of fun I want to have.  Or, it's talking about things that are not fun.  My favorite?  This one: "Having a fool for a child is misery; it's no fun being the parent of a dolt."  (Proverbs 17:21)  Sometimes The Message version of the Bible just cracks me up.

FUN! is a challenging word for me, much because there's not a spelled out this-is-how-you-do-it action plan in God's Word.  But I think FUN! is there...I just have to look for it.  In fact, one night while I was praying, waiting for sleep to come, I was thinking about this word and how I was going to live it out.  And I simply asked God, 

"Are You fun?  Can You show me in the Bible where You are?  Because I don't remember reading about it.  And if I don't see You doing it, how will I know it's valuable and good?"

And crystal clear, these words reverberated in my head:

You have to see Jesus with a different perspective.  You have to read the words, set the scene, and think about who He is.  I will show You how I had fun when I walked on the earth.

Suddenly, in my mind, I saw Jesus walking out on the water to greet His disciples.

Now that was fun, I heard Him say.

I'd always read this story while placing myself in the character of Peter -- how I doubt, how I fall, how I get caught up in my reality instead of my faith.  And those are important aspects of the story from which I deeply learned.  There are important characteristics of Jesus addressed in this story that are crucial to my ability to trust in Him -- He will catch me, He calls me, He'll never leave me, even when I doubt.

But now, I can also see He's fun.  He chose to get to His disciples by WALKING ON WATER.  He could have swam to them. He could have yelled at the storm from the shore.  He could have just appeared in the boat if He wanted to do so, I'm sure.

I imagine Him watching the disciples in the boat, trying to weather the storm.  A slow, wry smile plays on His lips.  He thinks to Himself, Hehehehe, what will they think of this?  And then, when Peter sees the fun Jesus is STANDING ON WATER, he wants to try it, too.  It probably looked fun so of course Peter wants in.

Fun is contagious.  Because what comes with good, pure fun?  Laughter, joy, uplifted spirits.  Who doesn't want that?  We know the "joy of the LORD is our strength."  One of the ways we sense God's joy has to be through fun, right?

But, I'm new at all this, so I'd love to hear how you experience God's joy through FUN!  Would you tell me?  I'd love for you to leave a comment, but also, if you are interested in writing a guest post about what FUN! is to you, I'd love to publish it.  If we have enough interest, maybe we can make a series.  

Because who wouldn't want to read about new ways to have a little more fun in life?

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc
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  1. Well, in some kind of bizarro role reversal, you--the serious one are talking about fun. And I--the one who's all about the feather boa and hardly ever has anything serious to say, am linking a rather serious post.

    But good for you. I hope your year of fun helps you hear your Father's laughter and sense, more deeply, his sheer delight in you.

    I haven't chosen a word for the year yet--or maybe I have. I sort of boycotted it last year. I think I have a word, but I haven't written about it yet. Maybe my word should be procrastinate?

  2. Although I love to laugh, having fun is not usually on the top of my list. I'll enjoy seeing what you come up with! Have fun in 2014!

  3. Game nights with friends around my kitchen table go down as fun ... and still meaningful too. We share real life while we laugh so hard our bellies hurt. Want to come over?

  4. Since the death of my husband 6 months ago (he was only 28), I'm determined to have fun with my children and live life to its FULLEST! I'm planning lots of fun things for us this year. I refuse to remain in sackcloth and ashes. Thanks for this post! Blessings!

    1. Lauren, blessings to you and your kiddos in this new season. Hugs

  5. One of my precious pastor friends says, "laughter is the voice of joy." I think we divorce our emotions from our humanity to our if. As if joy was a not-God idea, and wow--if you look up the word 'joy' in Scripture--well, it's definitely a God idea.
    I look forward to more of what Jesus shows you is 'fun.'

  6. Jen, first of all, I can tell from this {fantastic} post that you are, in fact, a very fun person :) I think looking for fun in the Bible is a great exercise. After all, we are made in His image. I've experienced lots of irony in my personal life that has shown me that God indeed does have a sense of humor. I think "fun" can be found in His word mostly in the form of JOY and IRONY. I'll definitely be checking back to see what He reveals to you through His word in 2014! This is my first time linking up. Thanks for hosting!

  7. I think the Bible has lots of fun in it. Of course, i do have a twisted sense of humour. During pentacost Acts 2:15 always makes me giggle. "No they are not drunk as they appear as it is only 9 in the morning." So does this mean that you can drink after 9? LOL See twisted sense of humour. I love that God is showing you fun this year. I pray that He would bless you so much with this word through His word. Keep showing us God's humourous side.

  8. Love your word for 2014! Reading the comments here I just love what Jody quoted from her pastor friend..."laughter is the voice of joy" I often think of Jesus laughing and smiling and full of joy, joy he loves to shares with us. : )

  9. Love your word for the year! I do think Jesus had fun with those around Him. And I also think there is a joy that He brings as we journey through this life with Him and with those He places in our lives. This is a great topic for some guest posts AND a series. It would truly be fun!

  10. I can relate to what you reveal in your opening paragraph. Fun is not my forte either! I think that is an awesome word to pick for this year.

  11. What a great word, Jen. I admire you for taking the risk to develop a skill that you say doesn't come naturally for you. I certainly can identify with that and it will be fun to see what you learn this year. I think what helps me discover fun to making my introverted self interact with others. Usually once there or with someone else, I find joy. It is finding the courage and energy to begin.

  12. I can relate to the mantra of "I will have fun after I finish all my work." But somehow, that works for me. It's hard for me to relax and have fun if there is work to do. But I like to reward myself with fun things when I reach a goal. And though my kids may not think I'm the most fun mom in the world, I do try to find the humor in everyday life so we can have fun even while we are working.

    I may be interested in submitting a guest post for this. :)

  13. What a "fun"word! I can't wait to read how God is going to show you all the fun sides to Him. I always imagined Jesus being quite amused with himself when He walked on water. He had to know how it looked to his disciples :)

  14. wonderful!!! huge congrats!
    I'm just coming off a year that was all about letting go - so many connections and busy-ness were set aside in the pursuit of finding transformation through rest and release. It was a season of learning to discover & experience Jesus without my comfortable crutches of obedient Bible study and orderly agenda.
    Of course the Lord still has much refining to do in me...yet I can honestly say I'm a transformed woman. The season of releasing my control, my agenda, my plans was challenging - and deeply freeing. I know Jesus so much more intimately now, as I've learned how to leg go and accept his relentless pursuit of me. For so many years I sought after Jesus' love, trying to earn it, trying to seek & find & grasp it...and when I finally took a deep breath and laid back in the sun (Son!), there it was, pressing in all around me.
    Rejoicing with you in this new season!!

    1. In case you see this comment, Teri, I tried to email you and it got returned. Email me, please? Would love to catch up!

  15. Fun! Perfect. You seem fun to me...well, by the time I meet you face to face I expect some fun, lady! Someday! At least when you say "bring it on" with regard to your word this year, it will be a good thing!

  16. Hi Jen :)

    I smiled when I read your chosen word for 2014 :) When I was at Bible college, I would have completely daft moments after quite serious days of theology with my room mate, and is some of my favourite moments.

    God created joy; and I think He has a great sense of humour. We are made in His likeness, so fun must be a part of who He is too.

    I will have a think about a post :)

    Wishing you loads of fun throughout 2014 and years to come!

  17. Hi Jen,
    Love your word...I can relate to learning to value fun ...I have fun when I get together with friends or when we spend time as a family :) Oh, and when I read :)

  18. I had a breakthrough a few Sundays ago when I realized God wanted me to be less-performance driven and more JOYFUL in my ministries -- so I identify with this post! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  19. Ok, I am commenting on your post from last week 7 days late. Can you tell it's been a crazy week at our house? Praying for God to bring lots of fun things your way. I have a co-worker who has a fun tradition that I hope you will find a bit of an inspiration. She and her son like to turn up the music after a long day and do some spontaneous dancing in the kitchen. I suggest 80's Disco. :)


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