Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time for a Little FUN!: Glenda

Here's the thing: I'm not an expert on FUN! I'm trying to figure it out as I go, but as we all know, sometimes, we have to get a little help from our friends.  (Insert Sesame Street jingle here.)

Here's the lovely Glenda and her take on what's FUN!

I think FUN is different for each of us and we can learn a lot from each other. I gravitate toward fun in three areas.

     *reading a good book
     *watching Downton Abbey
     *enjoying a perfect cup of tea or coffee
     *going on a long walk


     *trying a new recipe for our family dinner
     *rearranging my furniture
     *cleaning our house (really ... this is fun for me)
     *preparing a talk for our Saturday morning Bible 


     *coffee with Dave (or other friends)
     *long chats with my daughters
     *texting hilarious messages with my sister, Sue
     *a day with the adorable Devin and Cole (borrow 
       kids whenever you need extra fun)
     *hanging out with the women I mentor

Cozy fun, creative fun and people fun, fuel me and give me energy.

Sometimes, I wish I was one of those people that love high energy adventuresome fun. But my first response to something new (ie. not on the above FUN list), always wants to be "no".
But 36 years married to my husband, Dave, has helped me say "yes" to many things that turned out to be FUN.
     *for over 20 summers our family went on mission 
       trips to Europe ... living in a tent.
     *mini-trips to New Orleans, New York and Philly
     *our 3 day walking doughnut tour in Chicago     
     *(and many more)

So ... here is my advice on FUN ~

     *Be intentional to have plenty of your natural style
      of fun in your life ... every day.

     *Be intentional to hang out with someone whose  
       FUN meter is different than yours. You will be 
       happy you did.

Now ... here is my message to you, Jen Ferguson. Please move to Chicago and be my neighbor. Because I want to learn that running can be FUN. I am pretty sure I could learn that from you.
See, doesn't this look fun, ladies?  This is me (Jen) and my running partner, Kelli at the San Antonio Half-Marathon.  Come on, Glenda, you know you want to!

How do you have fun?


  1. I've been reading how 'adventurous' you have been with your FUN and it's like I've been thinking, ugh, I want some of that. I've become so predictable, (so old) so I am taking this and run with it! Literally! ha!

  2. Thanks for inviting me over, Jen. I always love hanging out with you and the Soli Sisters.


  3. Could I come hang out too? My fun combines both of yours: Some quiet, at home fun, some people fun, and definitely some running fun. (Actually, Glenda, a fair bit of the fun in running comes from doing it with friends.)

  4. Fun! I love to have fun...Glenda I always love your approach to reminding of us to be okay with our own style of whatever it is we're doing -- now with fun being no exception. I love to talk with friends, walk outside, play games with friends, eat yummy food, and laugh. I do like to try new things....lots of ways to have fun. At our house one of the ways we have fun -- especially when we don't feel like doing something we put on hats. Yes hats. We collect hats and wear them!! A hat can make all the difference. I learned this from my husband years ago while we were in college. We wouldn't want to study and so we put on fedoras and trench coats and escaped to the library. It made it fun!

  5. As an {irl} friend of Glenda's I can attest to the importance of hanging out with people who are different than you. She is a great encourager and SO level headed....and a concrete thinker, unlike me. Her grace and kindness and steady eddy ness has blessed me mucho. (I do think she's a little crazy if she thinks Jen'll move to Chicago. Jen's freezing as it is, and those poor Texans have only seen 32 degrees. That is not cold, right, Glenda ? :-)
    Thank you, Jen, for inviting Glenda to share in your space--wonderful post!

  6. Love this Glenda! I have a saying that "To run is fun!" Even when it's not, I tell myself that! I love how you said to have plenty of our "natural style" of fun.

  7. Glenda, I would love to be your neighbor too! :)
    And Jen, I think I want your word FUN for my one word next year!

  8. Glenda, you are the CHAMPEEN of fun, seems to me. You know yourself, you know what makes you happy and yet you're open to new things (within reason, right??). Best person possible to write on this topic. Thanks, Jen, for inviting her. And thanks, Glenda, for thinking it through so well. "Cozy fun" - yes!!

  9. I think of Glenda as the perfect friend.

  10. Honestly, I don't know how to have fun. I have had fun laughing at the jokes of my oldest who aspires to be a comedian (how ironic!) and my mentor friend in Cincinnati who is hilarious, too. (There's no option to put a URL so find me at:

  11. Love this! Glenda you always cheer me up. After a month of constant rain, I'm turning into a grouch so it's definitely time for some fun. I wonder who I can persuade to join me in a "3 day walking doughnut tour" (in raincoats) ??

  12. Enjoyed this very much! Especially the part about hanging with people who have different 'fun meters.' Woohoo for different takes on fun and enjoying life!


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