Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time for a little FUN!: What you can learn from braiding your hair

I haven't even had time to write them all down, all your grand ideas for FUN!  But I think you'll be proud.  Instead of starting with the list, I just jumped right in.

I've realized, in the past few days, that FUN! doesn't have to be elaborate.  It doesn't have to be a planned adventure.  It doesn't have to be anything big.

It can be as simple as taking time to braid my hair.  Why is this significant?

See, I really hate wasting time.  And the truth is, in all my work and ministry, in my parenting and married life, I've focused on trying to maximize every second, which, I think, might get a bit annoying.  It squeezes the FUN!ness out of situations because I'm so worked up about being productive.  And if an event or task or spontaneous idea didn't seem meaningful, I took it to mean it wasn't worthwhile.

But, I was wrong.

We invited some friends over to watch the Superbowl the night before the big game (a spontaneous gathering of friends was left in the comments.  CHECK!)  I had done no grocery store shopping for this gathering, but we made do with what we had.  I didn't spend hours cleaning.  Instead of being a basket case before they came, I was sitting on the couch drinking a chai latte and reading the Sunday paper.  (In part because my sweet husband is on my FUN! train and he was cooking and cleaning up the kitchen as he went.  Yet another reason he is my hero.)

Back to the hair.  I did it just because.  Just because.  Just because!  Why not?  Let's be fun and feel cute!  And while we are at it, let's pretend my favorite team is actually playing (hence, the Chiefs shirt).

I'm really throwing caution to the wind, aren't I?

But here's the thing.  I was thinking about braiding my hair and my shirt.  I WAS NOT thinking about the mess I'd have to clean up or if the kids were going to fight.  I wasn't obsessing over the state of the downstairs bathroom.  I just was.

In my being, I found my FUN!

And this, my friends, this is definitely something worthwhile.

What do you do for FUN!? I'm looking for people to write guest posts about their FUN!, to give us ideas and share your FUN! revelations.  Want in? Email me or leave me a comment and I'll be in touch!
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  1. You also do your guests a favor if your house feels lived in rather than perfect. More relaxing. Braiding is the before-bed ritual for my daughter and I. I have curly hair and she braids it for me before bed and we chat while she's doing it (reduces frizz and makes for nicer curls).

  2. Good for you! You're so stinkin' cute! Best smile ever!

  3. You look simply adorable and if I haven't told you yet (I'm pretty sure I've said multiple times but I'm saying again) I LOVE your word FUN!

  4. May I just say that this braid does amazing things for your beautiful eyes?! And God bless your Craig, who's agreed to get on your fun train. :-)

  5. Hey Jen ... there's no better time for fun than right in the middle of a very long winter. Now I want to go out and play!


    Thanks for the smiles ...

  6. Oh my word, you are so stinkin' cute! Not only that I just love how you are pushing yourself in this area of growth. It's so simple yet profound. It might seem insignificant but it's really not. You are really working on this word of the year thing and truly putting it into practice and I love that.

  7. You look so cute!!! Yes, Fun!!! That is such a wonderful word!!! Stopping by from Everyday Jesus!!! Blessings and continue having fun!!! Natasha

  8. I love your year of fun, Jen. You should "waste" time more often braiding your hair. You're so adorable. And you inspire me to have more fun too. We serious types need reminding to lighten up more often!

  9. Yayyy for you Jen!! Looks like you had so much FUN! ;-) You look adorable by the way...FUN looks GOOD on you!! LOL! My kids think I'm crazy, because I'm acting younger than I did when I was in my 20s...I'm loving it!! After 25 years of marriage, and turning 46 this summer...I'm determined that in my second half of living, I'm going to do just that...LIVE! Thanks so much for the reminder live our lives OUT LOUD! Kudos to you my friend!!

  10. Joy!!!!
    The perfect smile-boosting post for my day!

  11. Yeah, proud of look adorable in braids :)

  12. I'm so looking forward to having some fun with you this weekend friend! Love that your husband was doing the cleaning while you sat and read the paper :) So great. XO

  13. I agree with Michell: fun looks good on you, Jen!

  14. Absolutely LOVE this... You are too cute, too fun and too awesome. And Go Chiefs!! :-)

  15. Kindred spirit friend Jen, can I guest post on our fave topic, fun?! I want to email you cause I have an idea, but I'm not sure your email :).

    1. Oh, I'm at :).


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