Thursday, March 6, 2014

Experiencing an Extraordinary God in an Ordinary Day: A Guest Post by Wendy Blight

Where are you, God? I can't feel you. Are you listening?

These thoughts consume my mind sometimes. I walk through my days going and doing. Wake up. Check. Read my devotional. Check. Say my prayers. Check. Get everyone off to work and school. Check. Methodically work through my "to do" list. Check. Dinner with the family. Check.

Sound familiar?

Begin again the next day. Wake up. Check. Read my devotional. Check. Say my prayers. Check….

But where does God intersect our lives? How can we truly know that He is with us?  

I think Jesus' disciples had similar questions because He encouraged them with these words just before He went to the Cross:

"I will ask the Father to send you another Helper, the Spirit of truth, who will remain constantly with you…I will never abandon you like orphans, I will return to be with you." John 14:16-18. (The Voice)

Jesus needed His disciples to know that although He would be absent physically, He would not be gone altogether. He made them a powerful promise. He would send His Spirit so that they would experience His presence even though they would not see or sense Him physically.

Guess what? Jesus' promise to His disciples is our promise too.

God is not distant. God is with us and always available through the gift of His Helper, His Holy Spirit.

For me, the answer to my questions came in a simple, tangible, very personal way. In the midst of my ordinary life on an ordinary day, God made Himself known in an extraordinary way.

[Excerpt from Chapter 3, God Spoke So That of Living So That]

"Recently my daughter texted me and asked for prayer. She is a sophomore in college and had an economics exam about which she was extremely nervous. I texted back a quick prayer.

A few minutes later, the Lord prompted me to send her a verse, Proverbs 3:5–6. As I sent it, I prayed that He would encourage her and build her confidence through the verse. The next morning, I awakened to a text from Lauren that read:

I opened my devotional for today
and today's truth was Proverbs
3:5, exactly the verse you gave
me last night!! Encouragement!

Do you see how the process works? First, I had God’s Word hidden in my heart. My daughter asked for prayer in her time of need. I texted back a prayer. God kept her request on my heart and a short while later prompted me to send her another text with a verse. At the time, I knew neither the devotional nor the verse she would read the next morning, but God did. So He reminded me of that particular verse, which was hidden in my heart, and prompted me to send it, which I did. I sent it with a silent prayer asking for Him to use it to encourage her. She read it the next morning, and the very word she used to describe what it meant was 'Encouragement!'"

Friend, God showed up and showed off in an extraordinary way in the midst of our ordinary lives on an ordinary day! And He longs to do this for us on a regular basis. It's one of the reasons He sent His Spirit to invade our hearts!

God doesn't hide from us. He is ready and waiting to do extraordinary works in our lives. But we play a part. I found some easy steps we can take to experience more of God in our ordinary days.

  • Read His Word.
Take time to read God's Word and tuck it away in your heart, so it will be available to you when you need it…even when your Bible isn't.

  • Invite Him in.
Invite God to be at work in your life…to make your heart tender to His Word and your spirit responsive to leading.

  • Be Ready to Act.
When God brings an opportunity across your path, like my daughter asking for prayer, you're prepared so be obedient. Respond to the opportunity.
But it doesn't stop there!

  • Continue to Listen.
This is where God can show off! Keep your heart open to God's work in your midst as it relates to this opportunity. In my example, God kept Lauren's request on my heart and a short while later prompted me to send her another text. At the time I sent the text, I knew neither the devotion nor the verse she would read the next morning, but God did. God reminded me of that particular verse, which I had hidden in my heart, and prompted me to send it. He then led me to pray specifically for encouragement and confidence.

  • Watch for His Work.
Wait in expectation. Keep your eyes and ears open. This is when God reveals His personal interaction with your prayers in response to your faithfulness and obedience.
I pray that as you make these steps part of your ordinary days, you will experience God in extraordinary ways!

Wendy Blight - In addition to being the author of InScribed’s Living “So That” : Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life, Wendy is a national speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries, a Bible teacher, an attorney, and author of Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story. Wendy most enjoys helping women, through Bible study, gain confidence so that they can tackle any problem life presents through God’s Word. Wendy’s favorite place to be is at home in Charlotte, North Carolina writing and enjoying life with her husband, Monty, and her two children, Lauren and Bo. Living So That is available now.

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  1. When I prayed and God didn't answer for what I was asking, instead it turned about better, it took a few years but I learned through that time, that my ways are not His ways and that He always has a better way, looking to bring good.

  2. Wendy, your online bible studies are the first ones I had ever done, online. I loved how they challenged me to dig deep into the word and into myself. They are still some of my favorites.

  3. We are looking for a study for next year. Just finishing up Jennie Allen's Chase.

  4. I want to "Live So That!" God can work in an extraordinary way though my ordinary days. What encouragement in these words--just knowing we can! I'm ready for more of God.

  5. I have gone through a faith crisis & found God was with me in the midst of it. He showed me more of who He was & that He was true to all that He says.

  6. Living, so that.........try to do it every day!

  7. "Jesus' promise to His disciples is our promise too." Amen. That is how we know He is always with us! I love your example of God showing Himself to you through His word. I love those God moments that are so personal between me and Him. They leave no doubt that He is real!


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