Monday, March 10, 2014

Time for a Little FUN!: Zip Lining, Sex Talk, and Breakfast in Bed (and the SDG Party, of course)

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It's Spring Break around these parts, so we don't have our Bible study this week.  So, I thought I'd catch my SDG sisters up with my FUN! progress.
So what do zip lining, sex talk, and breakfast in bed all have in common?

They all can be found at Pine Cove in Tyler, Texas, I tell you.

A few weekends ago, Craig and I braved rain, sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures as we left Austin and headed northeast to Tyler for our first-ever-in-thirteen-years-of-marriage marriage retreat, called Romance Me.

I was unsure what to expect for the seminars and was honestly most excited about zip lining.  (My One Word for 2014 is FUN!, you see.  I have priorities, people.)

Craig was all about the horse-backing riding and the skeet shooting.

Can you just feel the romance we were going for?

But, we were a bit giddy about having full, uninterrupted conversations.  Those things rarely happen in a house with two energetic little girls and a dog who whines, possibly more than both our girls put together.

We were glad to get away to a pretty place.  If that happened, we were happy.  Our expectations were low.  We had no other experience to which to compare.
And then we arrived and we found we didn't have to just settle for happy.  Because as the weekend wore on, we found ourselves pretty ecstatic.  About what we learned, about what we had the opportunity to do, about not cooking or cleaning...

About each other.

There were so many things to like about the Romance Me weekend, but what I loved the most is that the retreat planners wanted to give us the gift of time to just be together.  They gave us time to rediscover just how much we like each other.  Sometimes in chaos of daily life, you forget this.  At least, we do.

And, honestly, when you realize how much you like each other, you're able to share those deep places that sometimes don't get to see the light of day when you're in your day in, day out routine.

God unearthed some big things for us as we listened to Chris Legg.  He talked a lot about sex in a truly biblical and very real way and it created space for us to talk about things even we hadn't realized we needed to talk about (and we just finished a book about pornography and how that affected our marriage!).

Sometimes a little space and a lot of liking each other is all you need to refresh your marriage, refresh yourself.

Sometimes you need to practice actually flying through the air so you can release something inside yourself.
Sometimes shooting at things helps release things, too.

Sometimes a beautifully decorated table for two reminds you of the beauty you can see every day in your spouse.

Sometimes, waking up late, pulling in a basket of pastries, fruit, and coffee into your cabin, reminds you that marriage is about little moments together to be savored and cherished.

And when your man goes out of the warm cabin in his pajamas because they forgot a spoon for your yogurt, well, you just tuck that memory away for a day you might doubt his devotion.

Have you ever been on a marriage retreat? What did you like/didn't you like?

(Full disclosure: Craig and I got to attend the retreat for free in return for writing up a post about our time there.) *********************************
Time for a bit of fundraising for the 3rd Annual Soli Deo Gloria Retreat!  Last week was such a success!  Thank you, Jan for bidding and winning! This week's offering is from Kelli, my sweet running partner!
Made of lightweight turquoise nylon eyelash yarn and medium weight turquoise and lime green acrylic yarn.  It is fuzzy!   Measures a little over 4' long and about 6-7" wide.
A note about the auction's set-up:  Because I know everyone's budgets are different, I wanted everyone to be able to have a scarf and not lose because she was always outbid, hence the pledging.  Because we all deserve some tangible love around our shoulders, right?

How to participate in this silent auction:
1.  Click on "Place your bid." in the Rafflecopter widget below.
2.  Fill in the blank with the maximum you are willing to pay for this scarf, knowing ALL monies are going directly to the SDG Retreat.
3.  I'd be honored if you'd share this giveaway with your friends.  Not only is it a fundraiser, but I'd love for women to be physically covered by her sister's art!
4.  Next Monday, Rafflecopter will choose a winner and I will announce it at next week's SDG party.  Check or credit card will be accepted (I'm working on the credit card option. Stay tuned!) for payment and the scarf maker will mail the scarf to the winner after I have received the payment.

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  1. Have fun, thanks for hosting & God bless!

  2. This sounds like a great weekend! It's funny, but we all too often forget to spend special times with the most special person in our lives. I'd say, Keep it up!

  3. So glad to hear that you and Craig got to get away and connect! Our church does a couple's retreat on the beach once a year, and we have also been to the Family Life Today "Weekend to Remember." It's a great way to invest in your marriage.

  4. Oh, Jen, that DOES sound like a wonderful place. So very glad you got to go. Wish we lived in Texas; we've been to marriage seminars, but no real retreats.
    Isn't God good to give you the perfect topic to dovetail with all the other pieces of your lives?

  5. Yeah, happy the two of you had such a wonderful time...looks like it was fun :) We haven't been to a marriage retreat in a very long time, so now you are making me think....but we do try to set aside time for each other.

  6. Love this- yes shooting at things is fun!! We haven't been on a retreat but we have gone away for a couple of days and it was amazing!!

  7. We've never been - but then again, I don't think there are any offered around here that sound as fun as yours was!

  8. Thank you for sharing your blog with us by hosting this link up! It is so nice to have a format to share my posts and so much fun to see what others are writing about!


  9. No, I have never been on a marriage retreat - but it's always appealed to me. My husband is retired, and even with him around all the time, and no kids to interrupt, I still find that I can get caught up in the day-to-day routine and forget how very much I love him. (I like him a bunch, too!) Your post has reminded me that we can take a mini-retreat together on just an ordinary day.



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