Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"Some people have a hard time finding their strength.  Others have a hard time finding the ability to soften."

Immediately, I know which category I fall in as my yoga teacher's words hit my heart.  Looking back, I think I've used sheer brute force to achieve goals and manage my life more often than I would care to admit.  Even in ministry, when I've been tired and broken, I've thought the best thing to do was the quintessential pulling up of boot straps.

Keep working.  Bare down.

We've been building towards the elephant trunk's pose.  We've been inhaling and exhaling, stretching and priming, gently willing our muscles to bend and lengthen.  But when she shows us the culminating pose of all our hard work, all of this has gone out the window for me.  Instead, I find myself strong-arming my way into it.  My old habits of forcing myself to do what I view as required have overtaken my body.

As such, I collapse in a giant heap.

She shows us again and reminds us to scoot our bottoms back before we try to lift up.  I do this and find I have much easier access to the lift, but the pose is still sustainable only for a short while.  Pretty soon my arms start shaking and again, I collapse, not so gracefully.

As she sees me straining she reminds me that brute force is not the only way to manage this pose. In fact, there is another viable resource I have completely forgotten.


She shows us again, inhaling and exhaling at every part of the move.

Your breath can help you.  Your breath gives you power so you don't have to work as hard.  The breath works for you.

And all I can think is Yahweh.  YHWY, the Hebrew word for God, when spoken, sounds like our very own breath.  It sounds like life inside us.  And without it, we will cease to live.

I know God is why I live. I know He sustains me.  I've learned to call on Him when my strength is depleted. But not before.

What would life look like if I allowed Him to flow through every moment, every movement, all that is mundane and miraculous?

She tells us to try again, this time breathing, inhaling and exhaling through each part, "trying to find grace and agility when you feel heavy, like an elephant," she says.

Lord, have I felt heavy.

And so I breathe.  And I am astounded.  Though I still am unable to complete the pinnacle pose in fullness, I somehow release the brute strength, embrace the breath, and everything seems so much easier.  So much more sustainable.
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This is the power of breath, the power of Yahweh.  This is God, in His infinite love and grace, who cares enough to show up at my yoga class, to teach me that I could choose to live my whole life like this...

Not on brute strength, but on His breath.  Instead of muscling and forcing, I can make room for the miraculous.  I can find grace and agility when I feel heavy like an elephant.

Life can feel so heavy.

I leave yoga, but God's voice still speaks, and He's talking to me about my book and the launch that has me filled with anxiety.

Do it with my breath, not the world's muscle, not on your own brute strength. Let me show you, for my burden is easy.  My burden is light.

I don't know how a book launch can feel light, but I drive to my next meeting, a friend whose marriage was almost destroyed by porn, much like mine.  We meet for three hours and she tells me she wants to prayerfully consider helping me launch my book.  She knows nothing about launching books, but she knows how porn wrecks.  And she knows Jesus saves.

The world would tell me this is a risk, two girls knowing nothing about taking a book and offering it to the world.  But when some conventional tools don't seem to fit the job, when I haven't gotten peace about any of the other things I've thought of on my own strength, it's time to pay attention to the breath.

And let it help.  Even if it doesn't seem possible.

Even if it initially feels like an elephant trying to float.

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  1. What a moving and honest post.
    I can relate with the brute force to get through mentality.
    Your use of comparing yoga breath technique and God's present breath made a lot of sense.
    The power of the letting go and just being.
    May God's full revelation and blessing for you and book come to you.
    your neighbor at imperfect prose

  2. Thankful for all you're doing. Love to you..:)

  3. all things through Christ who strengthens

    so much love

  4. This sounds a lot like me. Trying to push through instead of just breathe. And I think about an art journal page I just did the other night with the words of Exodus 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still." And it reminds me that I just need to show up, to breathe and be still and God will help with the other parts. I'd love to help you with your book launch, Jennifer, because I believe in your book ,too, and it's message (even if I haven't read a word yet). Let me know how I can help!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  5. Recently I was reading a definition of Agape..."Agape is absolute necessity; functioning Reality;and permanent--eternal because Aagpe is UNCREATED." As I read that last part, my mind screamed "UNMANUFACTURED!" and I was so very aware of how I try to "manufacture" love in my life rather than letting God's Agape flow through me. Our "trying harder" is not what honors God...our Resting in Him--Abiding IN Him does. May God show us not just what that looks like - for we are prone to want to copy it externally - but what it MEANS TO DO IT. Stop. Rest. Abide...draw all of our strength from our days from Him - our SOURCE for everything good and holy and powered by Agape. That is what I want. Thanks for your honest post! Bless you. In Abba's Embrace together, Paula

  6. Girl, I can't wait to tear up some yoga at the retreat with you! I guess "tear up" and yoga don't go together, but you get what I am saying. Thankful for your friend, and I am praying about your book and about more people to share their stories.

  7. Beautiful stuff. (Plus a reminder that I really need to do yoga again.) Thank you.

  8. (I think my computer ate my comment-- so I am reposting-- feel free to delete one if it shows up twice)

    In short: Lovely. Needed to hear this as I learn to breath YWEH with Jesus in ministry, motherhood and especially on my long runs. Rumor has it breathing is muy importante.

    Love you lots lady. And thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus

  9. Hello Deep! A magazine might just want to use this article; I laughed as for myself I can't relate because just getting up and off the flow requires His strength. Have you heard of Holy Yoga? Another gal is an instructor of it! I am always learning and I have grown so much through blogging and hearing the heart beat of women all over the world. Guess what. it's all pretty much the same beat..Love, Family and those who know Christ as their Savior!
    Loved visiting!Roxy

  10. What a beautiful analogy of finding a different kind of strength by relaxing and just breathing. It reminds me of the breath work during labor.


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