Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time for a Little FUN!: Gelato on the Side of the Road

There are some people for whom play and FUN! come naturally and others who need some specific direction on how to infuse these elements into life. Whether you are more in need of direct instruction or  not, I am SURE you will glean something from this post to help you incorporate even more FUN! into your lives.
I looked at my watch and the lady asked “for here or to go?” I hesitated, remembering past experience, but not enough to stop me from saying, “to-go.

The sunny day made today perfect for ordering gelato after lunch. A treat I don’t normally have, but something I love. Unsure when winter was going to call a truce with spring, I was ready for a little lemon berry fun.

I forgot what it was like to take gelato to-go.

If you ever get in a situation like this, perhaps these 3 tips will help you. I was reminded of them today:

1.  If you walk away with gelato in a to-go cup, your gelato will melt before you get home.
Driving fast won’t help and it’s illegal.

2.  Gelato soup is no good.
Gelato melts faster than ice cream, you will be bewildered by your cup-o-soup.

3.  If you pull off to the side of the road, you can outsmart the melting gelato.

Highlight and underline this one.

I pulled into an office building’s parking lot and opened my car door and ate the gelato before it melted. Maybe not my proudest moment, but it can be done!

Okay, friends, what did I learn from these encounters? I learned that you CAN take gelato to-go and eat it before it melts, but that the whole point of gelato is to enjoy it in the NOW. Same with so many things in life.

I’m learning about how I can do my real living now and not store it up.

It’s easier to take things to-go and enjoy them later. Or not at all. I tend to be a happy person overall, so it’s subtle, but I’m not going to lie, enjoying life in the now is not always easy for me. I’ve lived a lot of life in survival mode, and to-go not only seems the best option, but the bravest option to get through.

Our lives are often driven by a struggle-through mentality, for reasons that involve real pain, of which I understand deeply. But when God gives us something sweet, do we see it for what it is and celebrate?

Sometimes it’s the littlest of things. A new friend. A peaceful walk outside. Sometimes it’s a lot more and we celebrate relationships mending or a child making progress or new life or a loved one coming back to church.

Around these parts, it feels like it’s been a shorter winter than others have had, but a long awaited spring. We’ve been waiting for change. Like the seasons, there’s grace that comes when something shifts and it’s time again for us to be shaken up with new life.

I’ll always be partial to you spring, because you give way to summer. Thankful for all the joyful things that come with sunshine...including gelato.

What is your favorite flavor of gelato/ice cream?

What simple joys do you find after however long your winter has been?

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  1. Just delightful to read! Thanks for the smile. :)

  2. What a perfect person to write about FUN!

    I do not take Gelato in the care #1 Because of the whole soup thing you mentioned and because #2 When I get Gelato, I like to wander around and enjoy it. I don't like to sit somewhere. It's meant to be consumed while you wander. I think they should stamp that on the cup.

    The simple joy I am finding right at this very second is a quiet house. Ugh. There is NOTHING like a house before it wakes up. It makes me smile as do you!

    1. Ahh, quiet can be such a joy. I'm enjoying that right now outside while we have a few warm days. Thankful for you and the joy of your friendship, Amy! And you have such gelato wisdom...

  3. I like lemon or raspberry - something tangy. I love the analogy here. I could get gelato today and it wouldn't melt. Still winter here for another month. Maybe I will!

    1. Whereabouts are you, Laura? I think getting gelato is a great idea even if it's cold. :) Thanks for reading!

  4. I can't say that I've ever had gelato but I enjoyed your writing :) Enjoying the little things in life and living in the now is always an important lesson to be reminded of!

    I came here from the #EverydayJesus link-up.

    1. It's great to meet you, Elizabeth! And I spent most of my life not knowing what gelato was, and then I discovered it. Now, I like it more than ice cream (which is saying something :) ).

    2. Nice to meet you, too!

      Oh wow! Better than ice cream? I think I need to find some. lol

    3. Haha! Let me know how it goes.

  5. Thank you, Jen, for having me here to talk about FUN and simple's a pleasure getting to write on your space!

  6. Love this Julie and Jen... It made me smile (and want some gelato!) My favorite flavor? Mint Chocolate chip... Although I am not picky.

    And I tried to sneak in a little fun in my mundane today too-- I "splurged" on a $5 bunch of flowers, bought a salad off the fresh salad bar at the store and even got a Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla from Sonic (something I haven't done in almost 8 months)

    Thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus. :-)

    1. Oh, I looove flowers. I hardly ever splurge on them but I pass by them a lot and want to..good for you :).

  7. That's so hilarious...AND so poignant.
    The primary reason I miss out on FUN in my life??? Staying too busy. Trying to take my gelato on the run.

    Thanks for the reminder to soak up life in the right-here-&-right-now...the only way to enjoy all the indulgences it has to offer!!

    1. I can relate, Teri. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading :).


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