Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time for a little FUN!: Up for Some Adventure? (A Guest Post)

There are some people for whom play and FUN! come naturally and others who need some specific direction on how to infuse these elements into life. Whether you are more in need of direct instruction or  not, I am SURE you will glean something from this post to help you incorporate even more FUN! into your lives.
Adventure?? No, not me…

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you.”  Isaiah 43:2

I’m not the adventurous sort.

I’m of the “let’s sit on the couch and read a book” mindset.

I often tell people I am so glad my children have their father as their father... he’s the “let’s go get in the creek” type of guy… where as I am the “let’s just look at how pretty the creek is” type of gal.

He’s the adventurer and I’m not… but adventure is good for my children so I am very thankful for that aspect of him!

Well, last fall, after some much needed rain and a touch of flash flooding... our family made the short trek down to our neighborhood creek...

I was very content to just watch my husband, my children and the dog head into the creek, into the slow running water.

I hadn't even considered that I could go in with them until Princess said, ”Are you coming in Mama?  I’ll hold your hand and won’t let you fall.”

How sweet was that?  She wanted me to come be with them (not just watch from the bank) and she was willing to try to fix whatever it was that made me apprehensive.

Of course I told her “Oh no, honey… I’m fine.  You go ahead.”  She went on… but my heart was touched at her desire for me to be with them.

So after a couple of moments I thought... why not?
I walked right over to the spot where they had entered the stream, kicked off my shoes and cautiously entered.  Now when I say cautiously I mean… I could hardly enjoy watching my children for having to watch every place I set my foot.  This creek is incredibly slippery, so I used muscles I haven’t used in years (maybe ever).  But I was there… I was in it…and it sure was nice.

A long time ago when I first surrendered my life to the Lord, I told Him that I wanted a life that when people looked at it, they said, “The ONLY way she could do that is through the Lord.”

And guess what… He has totally taken me up on it! 

My life with the Lord has been quite the adventure.  I personally would like to sit on the sidelines…but the Lord has had other plans for me.  It has definitely been a roller coaster ride…  and as much as I’d like to have not taken one ride or another… I can’t imagine what I might have missed if I hadn’t!

Today, if I had sat by the creek, instead of getting in, I would have missed:
  • Watching my 3 year old falling time, after time, after time, till he finally just crawled along… with a huge smile on his face the whole way.
  • Watching the dog splash the water and at the same time trying to bite it.
  • My teenage son walking up behind me, placing his man sized hands around my waist and firmly walking me right where I wanted to go… never once slipping.
Those are memories I will cherish as long as I have my memory… and I wouldn’t have had them if I had not just gotten in the water.

So, where in your life are you sitting by and just watching?  Is there someplace you need to be kicking off your shoes and just getting in?

Let me encourage you sweet Sister… do it… do it while you can… cherish each opportunity the 

Lord gives you for adventure.  You are always safe with Him!

With you there is such great excitement Lord.  Help us to enjoy the ride you have given us in this life.  Help us to also enjoy our sweet children…to say “yes” to more when they want us to be adventurous with them.  To you be the glory, Amen.

MommySue is a Lord loving, red neck and home school Mama of 8 (6 boys and 2 girls).   Chaotic Simplicity fully describes her life … a life that exists with both diapers and dual credit.  She will openly confess that she has nothing of this world to offer you … no expertise, nor superior knowledge, nor authority in any given area … anything she is or has to offer you, is solely of the Lord and His work in her life.  Her desire is that her imperfect life will bless and minister to you in some way.

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  1. I just adore this fun series you are doing, Jen. And always nice to meet someone new. This was so beautiful, Sue. I'm one who has also let my husband be the adventurous one with my children. He is now gone for the year and one of the blessings of this time apart is I'm realizing I can be adventurous too. I just spent a weekend with my son and his wife and we had a FUN weekend of doing things they wouldn't normally see me doing. Simple things like playing a board game because I'd normally say I'm no good at these... play with your father! Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you both.

  2. This is so me! This weekend my husband and I are going ziplining and robe walking. Never in a million years would I have chosen this activity, but to see the smile on his face when I agreed to give it a go was priceless! Thanks for sharing :)

    visiting from IP

  3. This is such a great reminder to me to let go, have fun and laugh with my children during these precious years. Your story reminds me of when my ten-year-old was just two and asked me to splash in puddles with him. My initial thought was, "no, no." But as I looked down to my bare toes in flip-flops I said, "Why not!" The best memories can be those following that one rhetorical question, "Why not?"

  4. Hi, MommySue! Jen, she's just so lovely, thank you for featuring her here! Heart Hugs to you both! <3 Shelly


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