Thursday, May 29, 2014

One more announcement...are you ready for this?

On June 9th, the SDG Link-up returns at our new home,!

But this isn't a link up for you to join to drive traffic to your site.

Nope, it's even better.

This is a link-up that allows you to share your heart and meet new ladies. Ladies Jesus could totally use to rock your world.

We are bringing the link-up back, yes, but we are going back to our roots -- the roots of encouraging our friends, our sisters in Christ, with the very love of God that resides inside of each and everyone of us.
{God really did call me to lay down the SDG link-up for a time and for a purpose, but by His grace, He's let us enjoy this gift for another season.  Praise God, because friends, it's an amazing way to get to know each other, isn't it?}

You game? Mark your calendars.  Tell your friends.  This is all for Soli Deo Gloria...for God's glory alone.  Get ready to meet some amazing ladies. {Don't you know you're one of them?}

June 9th! See you soon! {I've missed you already!}

{Seriously, this should be my last post here, but you never know what I'm going to forget.}


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