Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time for a Little FUN!: Polka Dots {A Guest Post}

There are some people for whom play and FUN! come naturally and others who need some specific direction on how to infuse these elements into life. Whether you are more in need of direct instruction or  not, I am SURE you will glean something from this post to help you incorporate even more FUN! into your lives.
I’ve been having a tough month medically (crazy bizarre symptoms that I’ll spare you the details of) and was really starting to feel down about it all. 

Enter my One Word of 2014: Play (which is very FUN!).  It was definitely time for some playing.  But to really do my idea, I thought would cost over $100.  I had a VERY limited budget of less that $20 to pull off my fun idea.  I thought of a few ways to do it, and ended up just cutting out dots and temporarily putting them on the car for this round.  Maybe later I’ll get actual magnets of different colors and do it for real. 

My boys shook their heads at my idea.  I didn’t even TELL my husband.  I KNEW he would shake his head too.  This was the face J made when I finished my project. 

But I HAD FUN and I was not even working!  It is possible. 

Andrea is a wife, mom with a 4th grader still at home, two grown sons, and two really cute grandkids.  She lives in the country, but works at a full time corporate gig in the city.  She loves to organize, garden, cook, find frugal ways to do everything and blog about all of that.  She does not clean house well, because something has to give.  Andrea currently blogs as ASCancerFree, as she undergoes treatment.


  1. This is just awesome! Love it!! It gives me the idea to decorate my own car when I go to pick my husband up when he returns from his deployment. Oh, that would be such fun!

  2. This is really cute. Made me smile.

  3. So funny!! I'm thinking this would be a hilarious prank for my daughter's "new" car....

  4. Oh this is totally my style! Love.IT.


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