Jen, Live!

Honestly, I didn't want just put "Speaking" as the title of this page, hence the "Jen, Live!" (Totally made you want to click, didn't it?)  And I wanted to communicate this fact: If you invite me to speak at your event, what you see here is what you get there.  I do my very best to live authentically and I will be the very same person who is presented upon these pages.  I simply cannot be any other way -- I don't have the energy to keep up with the details.

My two very favorite things about speaking?  Telling women about Jesus and helping to build up community between sisters in Christ.  I want women to learn to feel safe with each other, to depend on each other in a healthy way, and to recognize the valuable role they play within the community at large.  I want women to feel the intensity of God's love for them, for them to recognize their intrinsic beauty, and for them to learn how to face the world protected by the very armor of God.

I teach weekly at my church during the traditional school hear and we have covered a variety of topics, digging deeply into both the Old and New Testament.  I'd give you a list of topics here, but what is more important is this:

My entire premise of coming to speak to women is based on their hearts.  My goal is to listen to God, who knows exactly what the women of the group need, and weave those needs into His larger theme (or your theme, but hopefully, they are all one in the same).
Here's a snapshot of my 2014 event schedule (there is room for you!)

January - April (Monday mornings):  Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood Bible Study Class in Austin, Texas

March 7th-9th, 2014: T.E.A.M. Grace Retreat (Mothers & Tween Daughters) in New Braunsfels, Texas

June 26th-28th: Speak Up! Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan

September - November (Monday mornings):  Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood Bible Study Class in Austin, Texas

September 20:  Be Restored Women's Luncheon at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Austin

November 14th-16th:  Soli Deo Gloria Retreat in Elgin, Texas


  1. Your going to Spokane ... that is my hometown and my entire family lives there.


  2. I wish I could do your SDG retreat in November. My husband will have just returned home so I'm thinking me turning around and leaving might not be a good idea. :)
    However...a road trip to Grand Rapids, MI in June might work for me. Not sure why I never clicked on your link to this page here.


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