The Gospel of John Study

My IRL SDG Sisters and I have been uncovering so many scriptural truths in John's gospel.  It took us an entire semester just to get through the first chapter.  We are continuing our journey, so if you are just now joining us, you can see where we've been.

John 1:1: The Gospel, the Greeks, and the Power of Words

John 1:1-4: Do you Exist or Do You Live?

John 1:6-11: What Seduces you?

John 1:14:  Is Jesus at Home?

John 1:19-34:  Wisdom from Cher

John 1:35-51: When the Glossed Over Story Hits You in the Gut 

John 2:1-12: Grape-Colored Grace

John 2:1-3:17: I Am Not Enough

John 4:1-42:  When Costco Feels Small

John 5:1-15: When the Answer is Both Yes and No, Part 1

John 5: 1-15: She Said 'Yes!'

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